About Us

Denver’s First Public French/English Bilingual School

Give Your Child the Lifelong Benefits of a Bilingual Education and Global Perspective

Welcoming families from all backgrounds, the French American School of Denver (FASDenver) employs a proven, research-based bilingual French/English immersion curriculum to cultivate critical thinking, creativity and empathy. Immersion education has been shown to improve test scores in math, reading and vocabulary, and boost mental flexibility and problem-solving skills. Our collaborative school culture and commitment to equity, inclusion and culturally responsive education provides students with a supportive learning environment.

For the 2021-22 school year, FASDenver will serve students in grades K-3 and will add an additional grade level each year until full build out as a K-8 school in 2026. FASDenver does not charge tuition. Those living outside the DPS boundaries may also apply through SchoolChoice. Bienvenue!

Cultivating Excellence for All Students

Hours of the School Day: 8:00a – 3:30p (Before care begins at 7:00a; after care ends at 6:00p)

  • Programs: Full-Day Kindergarten  •  PE  •  Music  •  Technology  •  Visual Arts  •  Library  •  Language Immersion  • STEM • International Focus •  French  •  Integrated Content and Language Development (ICLD)  •  Inquiry-Based Learning  •  Differentiated Instruction •  Project-Based Learning
  • Clubs and Activities: Community Service Club or Organization •  School Yearbook or Newspaper •  Student Leadership  •  Club Based on Ethnicity or Culture  
  • Early Education: Kindergarten English; Kindergarten French
  • Student Supports: Language Supports: Dual LanguageSpecial EducationMild-Moderate Support
  • Transportation: Limited bus service, RTD discounts, carpool
  • Before-school programming: YES, beginning at 7am.
  • After-school programming: YES, until 6pm. Specific program offerings will be determined after parent input in the late spring/early summer, but could include athletic opportunities at the nearby Carla Madison Rec Center, chess club, French study hall and music lessons.
  • Lunch: YES.
  • Dress Code: YES. We believe a school dress code plays an essential role in building school culture and community and enhances learning by reducing distraction. A dress code also makes socio-economic differences among students less prominent, and consequentially, help enable greater scholarly development. FASDenver’s dress code will consist of either a navy or white collared shirt and either navy or khaki pants or skirt. 
  • ELA Services: Supported English content instruction  •  English language development services for ELLs  • ELA-E and ELA-T teachers

“We have a growing body of research that makes clear that students who are bilingual have advantages, not only in their literacy development, but in the development of problem-solving skills and other areas of cognition. What we see now is that bilingualism is a gift that we can give to our students and to our communities. And that is a powerful shift in our historical perspective on bilingualism… We know that our competitiveness as a country depends, in part, on advancing that goal. A recent survey of California employers showed that a majority of employers, across all sectors, small business, large business, want and prefer bilingual employees. We know that our international competitors often do a significantly better job of preparing bilingual students. And so, we’ve got work to do as a country to ensure that we embrace bi-literacy and multi-literacy.”

– Former Secretary of Education John King (2016-2017)