Selecting a school for your child is an important decision. Have a question about enrollment, curriculum, student services or another topic? Ask us! We invite you to email your questions to: info@FASDenver.org.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are independently-operated public schools that have the freedom to design classrooms that meet their students’ needs. All charter schools operate under a contract with a charter school authorizer, in our case, Denver Public Schools, that holds them accountable to the high standards outlined in their “charter.” As a charter school, FASDenver does not charge any admission fees.

My child does not speak French, is he/she still eligible to enroll?

Yes. We will accept K-3 students living in Denver and neighboring school districts through the DPS SchoolChoice process. If your child does not have prior knowledge of French, we will provide supplemental French education during the school day as appropriate. Immersion education is suitable for all students regardless of language(s) spoken in the home. 

What does it cost to attend FASDenver?

FASDenver is a public school and does not charge any tuition. Full-day kindergarten is also tuition-free.

What is immersion education?

Immersion is a well-established and acclaimed technique used in bilingual education in which two languages are used to teach academic content including math, science and social studies. In an immersion classroom, students acquire a second language in a way similar to how native speakers learn their first language. 

How will I help my child with homework if I don’t speak French?

Immersion education is successful even when families don’t speak the target language at home. At FASDenver, homework is seen as a feedback tool for teachers; it’s how your child’s teacher will get frequent small snapshots about their growth and level of understanding. Homework is all about practicing a skill learned in class. All you need to do to support your child is help them make time and space to work on their homework. If your child gets stuck, let your child’s teacher know so they can follow up with your child the next day in class.

What age does my child need to be to start kindergarten?

Per Denver Public School policy, children must be 5 years old by October 1, 2021 to start Kindergarten.

Will transportation be available?

Carpooling and RTD resources will also be made available to FASDenver families. Our central location offers convenient access via RTD bus routes along Colfax Avenue, 17th/18th Avenunes and York Street.

How do I apply to FASDenver?

FASDenver participates in the SchoolChoice enrollment process managed by DPS.

Do I have to live in Denver in order to attend FASDenver?

No. Students residing in other school districts may also apply through the SchoolChoice process.

What is the anticipated student to teacher ratio?

Our projected class size is 26 students with one full-time teacher and one para-professional in each kindergarten class. Our classes for grades one through three will each have a full-time teacher. The overall student to teacher ratio is roughly 20:1 when specials and supports are included.

Will my child fall behind in English?

No. In fact, studies indicate that students in immersion programs outperform their counterparts in English reading and vocabulary. Learn more: https://www.opb.org/news/article/study-portland-immersion-students-become-better-readers-english-speakers/

What time will school start and end?

School will begin at 8:00am and end at 3:30pm. Before school care will be available starting at 7:00a and after school care will be available until 6p.

What programs and clubs will FASDenver offer?

Full-Day Kindergarten  •  PE  •  Music  •  Technology  •  Visual Arts  •  Library  •  Language Immersion  • STEM • International Focus •  French  •  Integrated Content and Language Development (ICLD)  •  Inquiry-Based Learning  •  Differentiated Instruction •  Project-Based Learning

Clubs and Activities: Community Service Club or Organization •  School Yearbook or Newspaper •  Student Leadership  •  Club Based on Ethnicity or Culture

Which subjects will be taught in English and which will be taught in French?

Will there be before and after school programming?

Yes! We will offer care before school in addition to free breakfast service. After school, students will be able to choose from a variety of enrichment program and after-school care options. Before and after care will be provided through a partnership with L’École de Denver.

Will there be international trips offered?

Yes! We are planning for a middle school trip to a francophone region and will offer additional optional summer travel opportunities for students.

How can I stay in touch with FASDenver?

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Where can I learn more about School Choice?

Have questions about the DPS SchoolChoice enrollment process? Check out the SchoolChoice FAQ HERE.

FASDenver has a simple and affordable dress code required for all students. We ask that students wear:

  • A burgundy, white, or navy blue long or short-sleeved collared shirt (polo, button down, etc.)
  • Navy, khaki or gray bottoms: including pants, skirts/shorts, jumpers, or uniform dresses

These items  may be purchased at a variety of retailers, including Walmart, Goodwill, Target and Old Navy.  We do not require the FASDenver logo. No denim please.