Our School Facility

The school will lease space from Church in the City at 2280 E 16th Ave, Denver, CO 80206. This location offers convenient transportation access in addition to programming opportunities at nearby City Park, Carla Madison Rec. Center, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Zoo and DMNS.

Our classroom building has been recently renovated inside and additional enhancements are planned for the exterior of the building in the coming months. The school facility lease also includes a commercial kitchen and a large multipurpose room in the church/synagogue building.

Where will recess be? FASDenver students have 3 recesses a day at all grade levels. For the 2021-22 school year, we will close the parking lot area after the morning drop off to create a large play space (no cars will be allowed to park in the lot). Students will have access to balls, hula hoops, jump ropes and other playground toys during this time. In the coming months, our founding team will continue to fundraise for the installation of a playground structure and expanded turf area. In case of inclement weather, students will have recess in the large multipurpose room in the church/synagogue building.